The Hong Kong Ballet Group




  • 為本地芭蕾舞學生提供演出機會
  • 建立公平的交流平台,讓來自本地不同舞蹈學校的芭蕾舞學生互相學習
  • 透過比賽發掘芭蕾舞菁英,並頒授獎學金鼓勵他們繼續進修及發展其芭蕾事業
  • 積極招募芭蕾舞導師及芭蕾藝術工作者一起推廣芭蕾舞
  • 邀請國際知名藝術家參與製作,拓寬本地芭蕾舞學生的視野
  • 拓展芭蕾舞的觀眾羣及提高本地觀眾對芭蕾舞的賞析


The Hong Kong Ballet Group, a non-profit organization, was formed in July 1964 by a group of local ballet teachers with the support of the then Education Department. The Ballet Group is dedicated to promoting ballet education and nurturing local ballet talents, by staging full length ballet performances, and organizing not only workshops and seminars but also the first open ballet competition in Hong Kong. Promising talents will be encouraged by scholarships; and international artists are invited to work alongside local students to give them an exposure to international professional standards. The Ballet Group strives to instill its passion for this art form into the younger generation and to the wider public audience of Hong Kong.

The main objectives of the Hong Kong Ballet Group are:

  • To provide ballet performing opportunities for its members
  • To provide a neutral platform for students from different schools to work together
  • To identify young dance talents through competition and encourage their development by awards and scholarships
  • To recruit teachers and artists to promote ballet on a voluntary basis
  • To invite internationally renowned artists to work with our student members to enhance their exposure to international standards
  • To broaden public awareness and interest in ballet for building audiences for this art form